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Internet Packages

We offer high-speed and reliable wireless internet service with speeds up to 5 mbps with speed bursts up to 20 mbps. If you are interested in our services please call us at 541-523-0270 or stop by and see us at 1809 Main Street, Baker City Oregon.


Best for basic internet tasks.

2 Mbps Down & 2 Mbps Up

80 GB Per Month

/Per Month


2 Mbps Down & 2 Mbps Up


/Per Month


Better for streaming video. 

3 Mbps Down & 2 Mbps Up

 100 GB Per Month

/Per Month


3 Mbps Down & 3 Mbps Up


/Per Month


Best for multiple users & streamers.

5 Mbps Down & 2 Mbps Up

 150 GB Per Month

/Per Month


5 Mbps Down & 5 Mbps Up


/Per Month

How it Works

Our Internet service starts at our headquarters on Main Street with a high capacity fiber connection. From our roof top we transmit the Internet to our remote distribution sites located at strategic vantage points around Baker Valley. From there it is beamed down to your location where we have a radio installed at your house. Once it reaches the radio it goes to the router where it then makes it to your device. Isn’t the Internet neat!

Internet Speed

Not sure what speed internet you will need? Our first question to you is what do you plan on doing on the internet?

Basic Plan – Perfect for basic web surfing and emails.

Streamer Plan – Perfect for streaming video to a couple of devices in the house.

Elite Plan – Perfect for those that have multiple streaming devices in the house.

Data Caps

A data cap refers to the amount of data that you are allotted to use each month depending on your internet package. When a device at your residence uses the internet to check emails, update programs or stream videos it is transferring data. If you are using more data then your package allows we will let you know and we can adjust your plan or help you figure out how to cut down on the amount of bandwidth used.

Speed Burst

Our internet packages include speed boost – get speeds up to 20 Mbps!





Interested in our internet service? Call us at 541-523-0270

Email Settings

IMAP Settings

incoming and outgoing =

incoming port: 993 SSL

outgoing port: 587 TLS

outgoing requires authentication

POP3 Settings

incoming and outgoing:

incoming port: 995 SSL

outgoing port: 587 TLS

outgoing requires authentication


My Internet Isn't Working, Help!

  1. Try to connect to the Internet with a different device
  2. Cycle power to POE device (See image below)
    • Wait 3 minutes before attempting to reconnect.
  3. Cycle power to your router (NOTE – Do not press the reset button!)
    1. Wait 3 minutes before attempting to reconnect

If you are still having issues getting online give us a call at 541-519-3145

My Email Doesn't Work!

Check the incoming & outgoing settings on your device to make sure they match the settings we have listed above for either IMAP or POP3 depending on what you are using.

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